Course Map

Course Guidelines

Students are required to take the courses in the following four different fields:
I. Science education
II. Science
III. Research method
IV. Seminar and Colloquium

Course Area

The GISE features interdisciplinary studies in the fields of science education and mathematics education, including (1) Science and Society, (2) Cognition and Science Learning, (3) Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, and (4) Digital Learning.

Course Area

Key Contents

Science and Society

General education, popular science, science communication, and history and philosophy of science

Cognition and Science Learning

Psychology of learning science, cognitive and science learning, neuroscience, cognitive science, scientific thinking and processes, situated cognition, social psychology, and cultural psychology

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Curriculum design and development, curriculum evaluation, instructional assessment, science teaching principles and models, test theory, pre- and in-service teacher professional development, teacher training and education, and teacher certification and evaluation

Digital Learning

Learning technology, digital learning theory, online learning and teaching, development of adaptive assessment, and human-machine interaction and interface design


EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) Courses